School Council

The School Council is a legally constituted body representing the school community and makes decisions on its behalf. The Council consists of twelve members – the principal, seven elected parent representatives, three elected employees of the Department of Education (i.e. staff members) and one community co-opted member.


Members are elected for a period of two years with half the council positions falling vacant each year. The elections of School Council members are held early each year usually late February or early March. The School Council meets twice per term.


Duties of the School Council include the following:


The Council is supported by several sub-committees.


Sub Committees


Education (Policy) Committee

This committee deals with matters relating to the Strategic Plan and its goals & priorities and general policy matters.


Facilities (Buildings and Grounds) Committee

Maintenance of the grounds is a key responsibility. This committee handles all matters relating to school’s physical environment. The committee develops long term goals for the development of the buildings and grounds.


Finance Committee

This committee sets the budget for programs on an annual basis. It monitors the financial activities of the school and any trading operations. This Committee investigates financial options on behalf of the school.


Parents Group Committee

This committee is responsible for organising community building and fundraising activities.