Defence Force Families




Our Education Liaison Officer (ELO) supports Defence families when they are relocating and changing schools. Our ELO has extensive knowledge about the way Araluen delivers education, as well as the unique needs of Defence children.

Our ELO can:

• work with parents, students, and teachers to manage the transition to a new location and school
• link families with special education providers, resources, or support agencies according to their children’s individual needs (including special needs students)
• work with schools to ensure a supportive educational environment and raise awareness of issues facing Defence children

• inform families about the support services available, including financial assistance through the Education Assistance Scheme.


A range of financial support is available to help minimise disruption to schooling caused by posting within Australia. The aim is to provide the student with limited interim assistance to help overcome any immediate difficulties with the child’s education that occurs as a direct result of posting.


Tutoring Support


Defence may reimburse fees for tutoring required to overcome immediate difficulties caused by changing schools. Students may be entitled to reimbursement for an initial 14, 26 or 52 weeks of tutoring in any subject where the gaining school has certified the need and evidence has been provided to support that there has been a decline in grades or that the child is not achieving the expected educational standard. This applies to primary and secondary students, within the first 18 months of starting at the new school.


Please contact the school on 5144 2111.