Instrumental Music

Titled AIM HIGH, our instrumental program aims to give students the opportunity to learn a musical instrument of their choice in small groups, with a variety of instruments provided by the school.


This program is in addition to the classroom music lessons that are already part of our curriculum. Instrumental lessons are individual and small groups depending upon the number of participants and the instrument chosen. The lessons are free for students to participate in and instruments are also available to loan through our borrowing program.

 Students can arrange to try different instruments before deciding and may be steered towards an alternative instrument if their first choice proves too challenging or physically inappropriate at the time. Once lessons start, students are encouraged to have a growth mindset and remember that learning an instrument takes time, effort and commitment, this is an expectation for those participating.


We aim to have regular opportunities for students to share their learning through performing for others during classes, at school assemblies as well as more formal concerts.


Our current selection of instruments includes:

·     Keyboard / piano

·     Drums

·     Acoustic guitar available in 3 sizes

·     Electric guitar available in 2 sizes



·     Pbuzz

·     Bass guitar

·     Flute

 ·     Pbone

·     Clarinet

·     Saxophone

·     Ptrumpet

·     Trumpet

·     Trombone

(these 3 instruments are a lightweight choice, perfect for beginner brass players)

·     Violin – available in 3 sizes

·     Cello – available in 3 sizes