Enrichment Programs



School Camps are part of the education program for Grades 3 - 6 students. They give students the opportunity to experience living away from the family, to learn the need for co-operation, to use self-reliance as well as seeing different environments and practising skills learned at school.


Physical Education

Students participate in a 1 hour Physical Education lesson each week.  They also engage in fitness activities over the course of the week. Students in Year 3-6 participate in our House swimming sports, athletics, cross-country and winter sports.  If they qualify, children then have the opportunity to participate at District, Regional and State level.



Each child participates in an intensive swimming program that is conducted over two school terms. The Program operates in the local heated swimming pool with qualified AUSTSWIM trained instructors.


Languages - French, Spanish and Japanese

In 2021, student voice was used to determine which language to teach, enabling students to learn the language of their choice. Out of all the languages, students chose French, Spanish and Japanese. Araluen now holds a weekly whole school LOTE hour where all F-6 students can meet and learn a language together.



Alll students participate in a 1 hour Music lesson each week with their class.  Students have the opportunity to engage in our AIM HIGH program where students can learn the instrument of their choice for free in small group settings. Every year, the Choir competes in local Eisteddfods and every second year interested students also have the opportunity to perform in the State School Spectacular in Melbourne. 




Each week, our students attend a 1 hour lesson in Art that allows them to express their creativity and to learn new skills. Our students’ artistic talents are proudly displayed through our constantly changing Art displays.



Primary Connections comprises a professional learning program that enhances teaching and learning in science. It is a teaching and learning model linking science with literacy and numeracy, authentic investigation, embedded assessment and collaborative learning.