Foundation Support Program

Foundation Support Classes


We offer Foundation Support classes to better meet the needs of children who commence their first year of schooling. Students who are still school aged but better suited to hands-on learning rather than more formal learning practice are welcome to enrol. It does not replace the kindergarten year and is not a special needs program. The class is designed for children who commence their first year of schooling but are not quite ready for a traditional Foundation year.





Transition into Primary School - Steps to Foundation (Prep)


Our Steps to Foundation program forms part of our comprehensive pre-school to school transition program.  Children who are enrolled for the following school year are invited to join us in the Foundation room for six Monday sessions during Term 4 to meet their teacher, become familiar with their new surroundings and to meet their classmates.


The Steps to Foundation program is designed as an introduction to the skills needed for early literacy success.  The children begin their session with some oral language activities in the Foundation room.  Parents or guardians stay with their child for this part of the visit as the songs, rhymes and games played can then be repeated and extended in the home.


The children are introduced to different parts of the school, such as the art room, music room, gym and library.  In the Foundation classroom children experience creative exploration, while parents or guardians attend an information session about transition, early literacy and numeracy and school procedures.


Our sessions of  Steps to Foundation are followed by our Transition Day in December, where the children can stay unaccompanied for half a day as an Araluen Foundation student.


The Steps to Foundation program has been highly successful for the children, parents and for the teachers.  The benefits gained are seen in the first few weeks of February with the children experiencing a smooth and happy beginning to school life.