STEM refers to Science, Technology, Engineering and Mathematics.


It is a popular subject today for promoting children to combine learning areas of the above four subjects synthetically. From childhood, students start to build knowledge and problem-solving skills. We use problem-based learning to train them to solve problems. 


Many years ago when STEM was first introduced into the curriculum, teachers used to teach craftsmanship e.g. making toys by recycling materials. LEGO then introduced robotics and coding in Asian Pacific region to change the content of STEM. Our classroom has been equipped with LEGO robotics and coding learning materials. 


Digital Multimedia Design - Digital Sculpting, Animation and Game Design


At Araluen, we have also added digital multimedia design in STEM to catch up with high-tech education of the USA, Japan, Singapore and China. We have added Manga and Anime Creation, Digital Sculpting, Animation and Game Design in our curriculum.


From Foundation Year to Year 2, students learn these high-tech design skills on iPads for understanding how digital design works by simple projects. From Year 3 to Year 6, students make advanced projects by solving problems they meet. Students learn how to make their own animations and share their products with other students. Students use our 3D printer to print the toy they designed on 3D sculpting and modelling tools. Students design their own computer/video games and share them with other students.


STEM at Araluen allows our students the chance to explore new choices of career development. They can be animation producers on YouTube or work for Disney, DC, Marvel, Dreamworks or Japanese anime studios. They can be indie game designers for Nintendo, Playstation, XBox, Steam or Epic Games platforms. They can engage in industrial engineering to do modelling and strategy simulation.


Mr Han

STEM Coordinator